2012 Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Energy Efficiency Category Winner

Radiator Labs – Columbia

Radiator Labs has developed a low-cost, easily installed radiator retrofit that converts radiator heating systems, over which buildings typically have little control, into a highly controllable zoned system where each radiator represents a single zone with temperature feedback control. Our value proposition to building owners and building inhabitants is to significantly reduce the energy waste implicit in radiator heating while increasing the heat distribution and consistency of building interiors.

Deployment and Infrastructure Category Winner

SolidEnergy – Harvard / MIT

SolidEnergy is a privately held company founded in the spring of 2012. Its mission is to develop cutting-edge lithium battery technologies to meet the world’s growing energy storage demand. It is comprised of a team of Harvard and MIT-trained scientists and entrepreneurs with experience in battery technology, energy startups, and a passion to change the world. SolidEnergy is developing a Polymer Ionic Liquid (PIL) rechargeable lithium battery technology that dramatically improves both the safety and energy density of rechargeable lithium batteries. The battery can safely operate from −40 °C to 250 °C, and has the potential for 4X the energy density of a conventional lithium-ion battery. This dramatically increases the range capability of electric vehicles (EVs), speeds up the adoption of EVs worldwide, reduces US demand for foreign oil and helps reduce global CO2 emissions.

Renewable Energy Category Winner

Beejli – MIT / Harvard

Beejli Technologies is targeting the 100 million households in India that have no access to the electricity grid and rely on dirty, expensive kerosene lanterns for lighting. We have a patent pending technology that enables a small solar panel to connect to the existing wireless telecommunications infrastructure in India. Our unique ability to remotely monitor and control the panel system will allow us to distribute the systems at low upfront cost, meter the power output, and bill for the electricity usage. We will sell the panels to rural shop owners, who can set up businesses to re-charge mobile phones for a fee, and rent/recharge small electronic devices like battery powered lanterns and radios.

Audience Choice Award Winner

Spindrift Energy – MIT

Spindrift Energy is a startup seeking to be a market leader in the development and licensing of hydrokinetic wave energy conversion devices. Our company is focused on delivering a cost effective and renewable energy source to offshore oil mining companies, and eventually to public utilities that wish to meet renewable energy mandates and reduce dependency on fossil fuels. The power generated by SE devices will give our clients dependable and renewable energy, at a competitive cost and with minimal upfront capital.