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Kanoot empowers emerging under-served communities by manufacturing transportable bio-processors that convert dangerous waste to valuable resources, and by enabling capital development through financing and partnership.


Together, untreated waste and solid cooking fuels cause 3.5 million deaths each year. In addition, our growing population needs more arable land for farming. Kanoot manufactures transportable bio-processors that convert dangerous waste to clean-burning gas and essential fertilizer. The equipment is made available with financing and support, whereas currently such systems are unattainable for those who need them most, a potential market of about 2.6 billion people. Our first point of entry capitalizes on our strong partnerships in Morocco, where over one billion kg of chicken is consumed each year. Initially, we will market our processors to chicken slaughterhouses.


Tristan Jackson, entrepreneur and educator, leads the team.
Anass Afilal, Moroccan engineer and Master of Finance, handles in-country relations.
Joseph Farias-Eisner, financial manager, builds financial models and is our master of sales.
Doug Powell, 4th-year PhD in mechanical engineering, designs our bio-processor systems.


More Information

Company Website: http://kanoot.co