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SparkFull is a concierge service that charges electric-vehicles up to 80% of their power in just 10 minutes whenever and wherever they are.


SparkFull is an on-demand electric vehicle fast charging service. By charging cars up to 80% of their power in just 10 minutes whenever and wherever, SparkFull removes car owner anxiety over charging duration and driving range. SparkFull closes the gap in charging infrastructure. Our mission is to create a greener world by making it possible for everyone to own an electric vehicle.


Zafer Sahinoglu
SparkFull Team Lead
Zafer earned his MSc in Biomedical Engineering (1998) and PhD in Electrical engineering (2001) both from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and his MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management (2013). He has been with Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs as a senior principal research scientist since 2002. Zafer has developed technologies in the areas of smart-grid, electric vehicles, indoor localization, wireless communications and sensor networks, and he has contributed in officer positions for numerous international standards. He has co-authored over 70 technical papers and has published two books with Cambridge University Press.

Shari Goetsch
Team Member, Marketing and Innovation
Shari helps organizations develop and execute growth strategies. For over 10 years, she’s led marketing, technology, and innovation teams to achieve breakthrough results. A dynamic leader with extensive experience leading successful business strategies for startups and $1b+ organizations, Shari is completing her MBA at MIT, where she’s launching SparkFull and leading the innovation practice for a consulting firm.

Joe Schloesser
Team Member, Strategic Alliances
Joe has 10+ years of experience in forming long term strategic alliances, strategy, product development and revenue growth aimed at Fortune 1000 and Federal Government segments. He will support SparkFull in a similar capacity by focusing on strategic partnerships and channel development. In addition to launching SparkFull, Joe is currently completing his MBA at MIT and leading a technology sales team for a global organization.

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