Generating Energy

  • Due to growing concerns of climate change and energy security, clean energy mandates are proliferating globally, and innovations are needed to help bridge steadily increasing demand with supplies of clean power.

  • Thus, teams participating in this track may present novel solar, wind, and biomass technologies, as well as software or hardware enabling the manufacturing, installation, operations, or maintenance of generation technologies.

  • Also pertinent are business models and financing innovations surrounding energy generation, like businesses enabling financing risk reduction or improved underwriting of clean energy projects

  • This track also includes carbon capture technologies that also generate energy

Delivering Energy

  • From storage to smart grid technologies, innovations in energy delivery are needed to enable distributed generation and renewables to be better integrated in our grid infrastructure.

  • Teams in this track might present innovative energy storage technologies, battery management software, or storage integration and development business models.

  • Smart grid technologies for utilities, transmission improvements, demand-response technologies, and grid optimization software also fall under this umbrella.

  • The track also includes certain EV technologies like charging stations.

Improving Energy Usage

  • Energy efficiency and other demand side measures can greatly lower the need for energy and thus lower emissions.

  • Technologies well-suited to this track include those reducing household electric, heating, and cooling demand, as well as public, commercial, and industrial energy demand reduction measures.

  • A broad range of EV and carbon capture technologies are also appropriate for the track.