Clean Energy Impact

Assessing relevance of business idea and potential benefit of the project to the environment:

  • If the business is successful, will it have a significant environmental impact?
  • To what degree will the business idea affect the clean energy industry?

Solution Creativity

Assessing the degree of innovation and novelty of the idea:

  • Has there been a similar idea beforehand?
  • Does the project offer new and creative solutions to solve existing problems in the field?
  • To what extent does it improve existing products or business models currently in the market?
  • To what degree does the business idea change the industry?

Execution & Financial Strategy

Assessing the plan for the execution of the business idea and for financial funding:

  • Is the business model sound and realistic? Does the team have a coherent and well-structured execution plan?
  • Are financial and business growth forecasts realistic?
  • Does the business plan offer realistic assumptions on scaling production of the product?
  • Does the team have clear and viable ideas about how to finance the company?
  • Does the team already have a patent? / Is it viable that the team will acquire IP in the future?

Market & Customer Knowledge

Assessing the reflection of market and customer knowledge in the business plan:

  • Does the team demonstrate thorough knowledge of the market they are entering (e.g. market size, competitive landscape, substitutes, stakeholders, regulatory and policy framework)?
  • Was primary customer research carried out to support market assessment?
  • Does the team demonstrate evidence of demand for product?
  • Does the team understand the customers and their needs?
  • Are there realistic plans to deal with possible competitors?
  • Does the team have a long-term strategy?

Team Composition, Chemistry, and Commitment

Assessing strengths & weaknesses of the team:

  •  Does the team have a well-balanced mix of expertise and backgrounds (e.g. technological, entrepreneurial, business, policy)?
  • Are the team members working well together? Are responsibilities spread equally among the various team members?
  • Does the team appear to be committed to stay together for the short to medium term?
  • Does the team have a clear strategy to cope with future growth, including adding new members to the management team, as necessary?